About Us
In the beginning, small bike shops dotted the map all over the metro east. Single line franchise dealers were sprouting up wherever the major brands could put them without stepping on other "same brand" dealers' feet. Then came the big "POWERSPORT" dealer with multi-franchises and huge inventory with inflated prices and services. No service after the sale, no handshakes, smiles or small chat. Just SALES! After going through the school of hard hits and let downs, I had decided to put all of my efforts and knowledge where they belong. So, in June of 2006, the creation of DEEKE MOTORSPORTS began. My plan was to work on the so-called "non-franchise" worthy bikes. 10 years and older was the cut off for the BIG dealers. Discriminating bikes against age? Well, here we are. Still taking on the veterans, as well as the NEW! 

DEEKE MOTORSPORTS carries the largest brake pad, oil filter and tire selection in the area! If we don't have it, we can get it, FAST! Why give your credit card number to the internet and whoever else is tapping in when you can call, ride up or swing by after work to get parts ordered or pulled out of inventory. After all, who gets the final handshake, ME! Support your local independently owned shop! 
  Service Timings
Summer Hours:
Closed Sun & Mon
Winter Hours:
Closed Sun & Mon
DEEKE MOTORSPORTS offers honest and shoot from the hip service. Our customers can vouch for it!
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